Board of Directors

Alan P. Cross started his career with Pacific Savings and Mortgage Corporation in 1983 and, at the time of its purchase by Sun Life Trust in 1990, held the position of Vice-President, Finance. In 1986 he received his CGA designation. From 1991 to present, Mr. Cross has been active with First Circle Financial, a company he founded, which specializes in mortgage portfolio management and mortgage banking.
Murray A. Braaten has degrees in business administration and law, and has been practicing law with Lando & Company LLP since 1982. He is presently the managing partner of Lando & Company. Mr. Braaten has extensive business and legal experience primarily in the areas of real estate finance, real estate development and security realization.
Thomas A. Cross became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia in 1963. In 1976, he co-founded Pacific Savings and Mortgage Corporation (a federally incorporated loan company) and held the position of Executive Vice-President until the company’s sale to Sun Life Trust in 1990. From 1990 to present Mr. Cross has remained active in the real estate and financial services industries.
William A. Trojan created Norlite Financial Services in 1989 and grew it into a national mortgage brokerage corporation, Mortgage Intelligence. In 2001 Mortgage Intelligence was acquire by General Motors Acceptance Corporation. In the mid-nineties Mr. Trojan also established the technology company Enabled Commerce Network Inc (ECNI) and, in 1996, rebranded it as Filogix Inc. Filogix Inc. was eventually acquired in 2006 by Davis and Henderson Income Trust. Mr. Trojan was also instrumental in the creation of the mortgage banking operation Paradigm Quest Inc. and the mortgage sales organization Merix Financial Inc. Both were sold to a US based investment firm in 2012.
Rex J. McLennan currently serves on the Board of Directors of two public companies: Boart Longyear Ltd. and Endeavour Silver Corp. His most recent executive responsibilities included serving as Chief Financial Officer of Viterra Inc., a leading global agricultural products company, which was acquired by Glencore International in December 2012. He was also the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Placer Dome Inc., prior to its acquisition by Barrick Gold, as well as the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC) for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and. Mr. McLennan holds a Master of Business Administration from McGill University in Finance/Accounting, and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics/Economics from the University of British Columbia. He is also a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors (Canada) and holds an ICD.D designation.