Land Mortgages

First Circle Financial often provides financing on serviced single family building lots. Being construction specialists, land loans are second nature to us.

We can facilitate the acquisition of holding properties, as well as help your clients pull equity out of building lots.

Do you have clients that want to purchase a lot to build on, but don’t have their construction specs ready? We have a perfect loan structure for this. Ask us how we can tailor our land loans to help you structure prospect construction financing.

From time to time we have funds available for multi-family sites and single family subdivisions.

Land Product Features:

Loan size: $50,000 to $3,000,000
LTV: Up to 70%
Fee: Minimum 2.00% – split 50/50
Payments: Interest only
Prepayment: Open
Term: 6-12 months
Down payment: No history required


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